Welcome to oldman blogger. At this site you will find candid thoughts regarding the degradation of our natural environment at the local and global scales, social inequities and the politics behind it all.  These pages are provocative and intended to stir debate and thoughtful discussion.  Who and what defines success, sustainability, progress, wealth and happiness? We must inquire and question what is happening around us. If we don’t, nothing will change. 

Humans are ego and temporal-centric meaning we somehow feel that we are the pinnacle of evolution and that the time we live in will be the best time that ever was or ever will be; but are they? The planet will survive us but what will it be like for our great-grandchildren and beyond? I truly believe that we are on the cusp of runaway changes that we will not be able to control, mitigate or even adapt to.  Our political and financial systems are content to keep and defend the status-quo, and  that will lead us inexorably into times of great turmoil. 

It is not all musings of doom though. There is also a sense of humour to life and the “meaning of it all” as we travel together for the short time we have.

So here is an attempt to gather and organize thoughts and perhaps initiate some change – big or small, immediate or long term – who knows? It all starts with ideas and a challenge to to be better.


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