Ancestral home

I stand at the edge of the precipice, as my ancestors have for generations, and marvel at the fjord spreading out before me like a silvery, blue puddle.  From this height it is difficult for most to see, but there, if you look very close, is a school of salmon just below the surface lazily making their way along the shore back to their birth stream on the fjord. They seem to be taking their time, enjoying the moment, knowing they will not return. Sometimes an Orca or a pod will appear, perhaps a humpback too, exploring the freedom of these waters and then swimming safely back to the mother ocean.

There is so much life hidden below the surface but it seems lifeless to those who choose not to see.  These waters are bountiful. There will be a catch for me today and food enough for my family. I lean over the edge, spread my wings and I am gone.  Today is a good day, but it will not stay this way – the tankers are coming.


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