Have the guts? – a social comment.

In preparation for my article, please read the following post that made its rounds recently on Facebook with many likes.


Do you agree?  I don’t.

There is some sentiment to these statements and our governments certainly could do better with respect to the opening remarks, but this post goes too far. It portrays an underlying, callous, disregard for others trapped in extreme poverty, famine, disease and war-torn countries. There is a sickening feeling in this post of a condescending, arrogant attitude that Canadians should ignore those who are in dire need of our help abroad and that we should cut our funding to help them. In Canada, we have the lowest contribution to foreign aid per GDP of any  G-8 nation. We already under-fund our foreign aid – does that make you happy?

The post says, “Have the guts to re-post this?” I wonder if the author and supporters of this post have the guts to actually stand by a starving child and watch him die in his mother’s arms. I wonder if they have the guts to watch people waste away and slowly die due to horrible disease infections. I wonder if they have the guts to tell these children and parents that they don’t deserve an education, vaccination, clean water or food; – I think not.

This is not about funding one program at the expense of the other. Our aid programs come from a caring society to help at home and abroad. It is about the efficient use of funds for both.  We should instead prioritize government expenditures to eliminate money wasted on partisan government advertising, self-serving projects, kick-backs, patronage appointments, contract scandals and the seemingly endless waste that goes on every year according to our own Auditor General’s annual reports. How about allocating all those lost tens of millions to better support our seniors, mentally ill, homeless, First Nations AND fund a caring well run foreign aid program too.

I tend to think that most Canadians actually do care and that they would be humbled by the atrocities that our foreign aid workers endure in their attempts to help others on our behalf. As the post says, 99% won’t re-post this; not because they don’t have the nerve, but because they don’t agree with this post and do care about what happens in the world.

And for the record, I donate to charities at home and abroad – and, to challenge you, I just donated $100 to UNICEF for enough “survival packs” to supply a family of four with clean water for one year and vaccinate 73 children for measles, tetanus and polio. UNICEF – survival packs: check it out

Have the guts to re-post this? – I just did.



3 thoughts on “Have the guts? – a social comment.

  1. Hi oldman blogger! I was reading your blog, since the last 2 posts are very interesting. Now this.. You are a good man. I am from Portugal. Portugal was the only country that did not retreat the budget for international aid, even in a so troubled situation and with such a tight budget. We are 2 or 3 times poorer than Canadians, but 10 or 15 richer than Cambodjians, e.g. The Western World where we live needs to do more. Have a nice day

    • Hi Mario,
      I tried to reply some time ago but it would not go. Maybe this time.
      Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. Good for Portugal to keep its humanitarian conscience. I will write again on social issues, likely on the plight of our aboriginal people in Canada.
      do you have a blog? I could not access.
      All the best,
      Oldmanblogger (Ken)

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